Gallup Well Drilling - Destroyed well hole removed well pump @ cost of $20,000.00


The owner of Gallup Well Drilling...Jerry Pitman...entered our property to service our well when we we not home.

During "servicing" by Jerry Pitman and his employee "Chuck" they deliberately destroyed a 595 foot cased well hole and stole a $6000 well pump. We immediately contacted The New MexicoOffice of the State Engineers and Catron County Sheriffs Office... although the company had committed three crimes (Trespassing, Grand Theft and Destruction of Private Property) Jerry Pitman was never charged with his crime and we never recover our property or our funds...

Since my experience I have found 25 other people who have been defrauded by Gallup Well Drilling.Many are too embarrassed or concerned about some kind of retribution from Jerry Pitman so they refuse to pursue getting their money back.

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